Safety & Loss Control

Whether you need an aggressive, hands-on approach or simply an occasional resource, Higginbotham supports your loss control efforts. Our in-house loss control consultants develop real-world safety and loss prevention solutions tailor made for your organization based on our assessment of your historical loss trends, operations, worksite hazards, safety culture, underwriting expectations and regulatory intervention.

Our work in the areas of accident prevention, regulatory compliance and carrier service coordination helps reduce the frequency and severity of claims and demonstrate your commitment to loss control, thereby helping to reduce the price you pay for insurance coverage. Your custom service plan is implemented with an annual timeline that includes a mix of scheduled activities designed around your specific needs. Our loss control service capabilities include:

Accident Prevention

  • Safety program review and development
  • Loss analysis and performance measurement
  • Worksite safety assessments
  • Safety training
  • Fleet safety
  • Property profiles and valuation

Regulatory Compliance

  • OSHA
  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Other local, state and federal regulations

Carrier Service Coordination

  • Carrier loss control liaison
  • Carrier meeting participation
  • Oversight and validation

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