Clarity is the main ingredient of effective communication. If the message isn’t obvious, it can’t be understood. In fact, it might not even be read or heard. This is especially important when the topic being viewed is as intricate and important as choosing a health care plan, understanding a health savings account or improving an overall wellness program.

Employee benefits packages are the most important recruitment and retention tool employers have—and when employees understand their benefits program, they are more likely to be engaged, their morale improves, they make better decisions and they tend to be healthier and more productive.

More often than not, the long range goal of employee benefits communication is to motivate employees to take some kind of action or to modify their behavior. And for this reason, an effective, focused communications program is imperative.

Every day for the past two decades, our communication experts have developed customized employee communications for our clients. We use a variety of print and online tools to target the message for specific groups and continually monitor them for results.

Our team of benefits experts, writers and artists offer a full-service approach – from concept to completion. We jump right in to develop effective, visual communication strategies that are unique to our clients’ needs and objectives.

Helping employers communicate. Helping employees understand. Browse some of our customized programs.

Branding Open
Wellness Consumerism Total
Branding Open Enrollment Wellness Consumerism Total Compensation


Campaign Themes, Logos, Taglines, Mastheads, Promotional Items
This is your plan. So, why not package it as such? Higginbotham will develop catchy communications that bring awareness to your plan while motivating your employees to understand and appreciate their benefits.


Open Enrollment Campaigns

Enrollment Guides, Posters, Payroll Stuffers, Wallet Cards, Envelopes, Special Notices, Videos, Benefit Portals, Translation, Fulfillment
Employees have options at enrollment. When they’re making a year-long decision regarding their family’s benefits, we should ensure that the communications are clear, concise and easy to read.



Healthy Lifestyle Campaigns, Health Risk Assessments, Fitness and Nutrition Challenges, Health Fairs
A wellness program’s success is dependent on effective communication and employee participation. Clearly defining program requirements and incentives will encourage participation and leave employees with good ideas on how they can make their lives better.



Newsletters, Plan Comparisons, Real Life Examples
Effectively communicating health care consumerism goes a long way toward enhancing its impact. Let our experts help you convey the plan details while educating your employees on becoming better health care consumers.


Total Compensation

Hidden Paychecks, Benefit Statements
Helping an employee understand the total employer compensation is a powerful message of how the company values each employee…and ultimately how the employee values the company. Our team of benefits experts, writers and artists help you convey your total compensation package.